EgyIT is a full service Web site design, Hosting and development company committed to providing your business with cost effective Web services.
About Us:
We are a small web development and graphic design business located in Egypt who caters to small businesses and organizations who would like to be online. We work with clients all over Egypt, as well as clients that live outside of Egypt. We pride ourselves in maintaining excellent customer service. Before your site is complete, we will make any and all revisions to your site to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our goal is to provide our clients with inexpensive, yet professional and effective web site design and development services. If you are looking for quality web site design at an affordable price, is a great choice.
Today, companies need to stand out. Industry requires an identity. Once a company develops a successful identity it will be recognized and remembered. To make it happen in a spirited economy rife with intense brand competition, companies need to listen to what people are looking for and react.
At, we do things differently. Our goal at the beginning of a project is to create a culture for our client, and then extend that culture to others. In order to help our clients “make it happen” we encourage them to listen for the our definition of what the people are seeking. Once the is identified (examined, assessed, evaluated and then some), we then utilize the latest in creative technology, approaches and design to develop advanced Internet and multimedia projects that get noticed. is not afraid to think big. When a client begins a project with it is like taking a methodological journey (groovy) - we begin with a completely open mind and consider every option within our grasp.
Feasibility is evaluated and the journey continues on to architect the framework for a high-end custom solution. We take the client through a stimulating design process composed of artistic inspiration checked by functional requirements.
Our journey then delves into the intricate development phase where we bring it all together and “make it happen”.
We learn everyday and share with our clients the approaches that best conform to their budget, environment, resources and strategy. Our journey involves the client in every step along the way - so you know and understand exactly what you’re getting. Your finished product has listened to what the people want and has responded with a presence they will identify with.
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